KOEDO KAWAGOE | Matsumuraya Ryokan


Welcome to our tranquil Japanese Style Inn “Matsumuraya Ryokan”, which is conveniently located near the “Toki No Kane” (19th Century Bell Tower) and the nostalgic “Kurazukuri” (Historic clay-walled buildings Warehouse District).

Please spend a relaxing time in our reputable long-running Ryokan from the Meiji era.

History of Kawagoe:

During the Edo Period (1603-1868), Kawagoe prospered as a supplier of commodities to Tokyo. Even now, it retains an ambiance reminiscent of an old town from that Period, well-known for “Kurazukuri” Street, “Kitain” and “Tousyougu” temples, and various other attractions that remind us of centuries past. Accordingly, Kawagoe is known as “KOEDO” (Little Edo).

Other notable sites of interest include “Hikawa Jinjya”, the famous matchmaking shrine, and “Toki No Kane”, a symbol of Kawagoe that is still ringing out the time.

The Kawagoe Festival, which is held in Autumn, is famous for its parade of magnificent floats around the old town area. Excited crowds are drawn there to celebrate every year.

Kawagoe has many local culinary delicacies, such as eel (known for its aphrodisiac properties) and sweet potato. In addition to a wide selection of Japanese cuisine, people can also enjoy a variety of international dining options in the area restaurants.

Please enjoy a journey back in time, where you can experience the authentic Japanese culture and sensibilities.

Guidance of our Japanese Style Inn:

Our Japanese Style Inn was established in the Meiji era 5th year (1872), and we have been providing fine accommodations for our valued guests ever since.

Kawagoe prospered as a town that flourished in the Edo era as a transportation hub of boat traffic.

Currently known by its nickname of “KOEDO”, the town is famous for such places as “Kurazukuri” (Warehouse District), "Toki No Kane" (Bell Tower), “Hikawa Jinjya” (Matchmaking Temple) and “Honmaru Goten” (Kawagoe Castle).

Our Japanese Style Inn is very convenient to all of the city’s attractions, and boasts easy access to the Kawagoe station and Honkawagoe station.

*Wi-Fi is available for all rooms

Main entrance:

We renovated the Inn’s main entrance in 2016. You can find the brochure written about Kawagoe in our modern lobby. In addition, you are invited to see the slide show about Kawagoe festivals and other popular attractions that you won’t want to miss. Please don’t hesitate to stop by for a visit on your sightseeing tour and take a break in our attractive lobby. Feel free to ask us for more information.


Japanese style tatami-mat room. You can feel traditional Japanese culture in this room and the experience will be one of your fond memories of Japan. “Yukata” and other amenities are available in the room.
*Wi-Fi is available for all rooms


Yukata (Japanese style bathrobe), Shampoo and Conditioner, Body soap, Towels, Toothbrush, Shaver, (Hair dryer available in the bath room)


Japanese style breakfast will be served in our retro/modern restaurant. We prefer to use Kawagoe locally-grown ingredients. A large public hot bath and relaxation area are also available in this Inn.

Please enjoy the beauty of the seasonal landscape of this area and make yourself at home.
*A large public hot bath is available, but if you prefer your own bath, we have private bath room.